Today’s economy has transformed into Data driven economy, also referred as Big Data

So, let us examine how this Big data driven economy is influencing our lives:
Big Data is also sometimes described by 5Vs; and defined by Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value

  • It is the data analytics and the value extraction out of this data that is resulting in many markets, sales and customer opportunities

Data at Rest: Economic Value of data at Rest, driving the need for the more HW

  • Servers: The number of servers continue to increase due to exploding volume of data
    • Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple’s need continues to grow
    • Servers Architecture driving Quad, Octal and higher CPUs per chip
    • Need to decrease the process feature size, integration and power
  • Data centers: The walls behind which the servers reside requiring massive amount of BW, Connectivity and the need to Power them and cool them
    • It requires as much power to cool the bits as it to move the bits
  • Cloud: To have seamless access, SDN (SW defined switches) and SDS (SW defines storage);
    • Amazon Cloud, MS cloud, Google Cloud and iCloud

Data in Motion: Data must be delivered to the point of consumption (Frictionless access) for example,

  • Sharing information: Google Search Engine
  • Banking, Financial Transactions, Trading
  • Multimedia, Entertainment: Netflix, Hulu, U-Tube
  • Digital Market places
  • Death of Brick & Mortar – Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent, Walmart
  • Finally, the data must be moved securely (Encryption) and at speed

In our next Blog, we will examine how data analytics is performed and the tools used to extract value out of the Big Data.