Mobile Computing is more accessible than ever before. Handheld devices have transformed into computing platforms. Be it a phone or tablet, the mobile device is now so capable of general-purpose computing that it’s becoming the real personal computer(PC). Smartphones including tablets continue to grow, driven by applications and mobile enabled websites. Google Android and Apple iOS are the two dominant operating systems worldwide


Sfivei has experienced teams in place who have developed many smartphone applications and games based on both the operating systems. In addition, many of the websites developed by Drish are also web enabled under both the operating systems. An example of the various applications is shown in


Sfivei Through its Development Center offer various Mobile Application capabilities including

  • VPN Based Services
  • Material Themes Designing
  • Custom Design
  • REST Web Services
  • JSON Parsing
  • Payment Gateway
  • Gaming
  • Online Recharge (Mobile/DTH etc.)
  • Custom Face Designing
  • Audio and Video
  • Custom Camera to measure foot size
  • Speech to Text
  • Translate text into different Languages
  • Daily Goals Management
  • Hybrid Apps using Phonegap



On Android platform We have

  1. designed the attractive Custom Themes,
  2. Superb experience in using web services both for REST and SOAP using JSON and XML Parsing
  3. .integrated Payment Gateways for Online Shopping App and Mobile/DTH recharge app.
  4. hands-on-experience in developing Games. We have also use Face Detection to make funny faces.
  5. We have also developed a VPN in Mobile platform to make secure connections on device.
  6. App is to determine Shoe Size by merely taking a pic of your foot. This app uses custom camera and high mathematics to calculate the size.
  7. Created apps to manage your daily goals/tasks.
  8. Developed an App for the hearing impaired persons that convert speech to text and even translate it into different langugages. We have also used the audio and video functionalitites.


Feature Details
Smile Detection, Barcode detection Mobile Vision API
Image content analysis Cloud Vision API
Maps, Routes, Places Google Maps API
Firebase Cloud Messaging, Firebase Authentication Firebase APIs
Fabric Crash analytic tool
Material Design
MVC, MVP, MVVM Architecture patterns
Room, LiveData, viewModel Android Architecture Components
Camera processing Android Camera API
Retrofit, Volley, OkHttp, AsyncHttp Android Http client libraries
Payment Gateway Paytm, Billdesk
Bluetooth Android Bluetooth API
SVN, Git Subversion tools
Login throught Facebook, Gmail Social Networking libraries
Touch ID (Fingerprint Authentication) Android Biometric Authentication API
Encryption/Decryption Algorithms AES – 128 &256
Accessibility APIs Analyze the content on screen.
Pie & Bar Chart Third party library in Android
Dagger2 Dependency Injection Framework for Android
InApp Purchase Android API
Expansion Files Build size management tool by Android
Exo-Player A new media player library supported by Android
SoundPool & Media Play API’s Android media resources play APIs within and APK file
Constraint Layout Layout Editor Tool – To build responsive UI
Android Proguard An Obfuscation tool
Product Flavors Support parallel development of different versions of the same app e.g. free & paid using the common code base
Google Play Console Publish app in Alpha, Beta & Production channels
Wireframes Designing Using NinjaMock, InVision online tools



On iOS platform We have

  1. Vast experience in developing mobile apps for all iOS devices and iOS versions ranging from 4.3 to 10.x.
  2. The variety of categories of apps developed includes Lifestyle, Utilities, Games, Productivity, Health & Fitness and Business.
  3. Main strength to closely bind the front end and the backend efficiently to give users seamless experience especially when the apps have to handle huge data. This has been possible due to having the strong backend and mobile teams under one roof. Apart from the traditional backend,
  4. Exposure to third party cloud services like Parse.
  5. Expertise is not limited to developing native apps, we have successfully tried our hands on cross platform apps too.
  6. Thorough knowledge of all the key native technologies available for iOS platform e.g. in-app purchases, push-notifications, multi-lingual support, game-center, social media integrations, maps etc. Also, for the sake of protection of users’ information over the network we use the best security measures (encryption and hashing algorithms).