What is NaaS ? :

News as a service (NaaS) is a cloud-based sophisticated news syndication technology platform produces near real-time automated bulk business content news feeds for news publishers and consumers. NaaS produce on average 1,000 new business stories every day.

This content is automatically summarised by NaaS proprietary artificial intelligence based advanced computational linguistic algorithms into a concise story of less than 200 words. These summaries can be further processed into Headlines and Twitter tweets by our Summarizer, providing the user with multiple opportunities for revenue generation with very little marginal cost.

NaaS also provide a service of a news editor; where anyone can publish his own story by editing an existing one or by creating a new one.

How does it work?

Summariser: Summariser takes single or multiple text files as input and process it through artificial intelligence based advanced computational linguistic algorithms to summarise the text contained in it. It is efficient to summarise a text file containing 500-800 words into summary of approximate 200 words.

NaaS Editor: If a news is searched by user from the database of NaaS; it can be open into the Editor. A person can easily modify the content of that news in the editor and publish it as his own news.

Technologies: Python, Django Framework, HTML5, javascript, jquery, ajax, Mongo DB

Tools: Pycharm 4.5.1, Robomongo

Supported Browser:

  • Internet Explorer 7,8,9,10,11
  • Mozilla Firefox (PC)
  • Google Chrome (PC, Any android device)
  • Safari (Mac OS, Any iOS device)