S5i – A Silicon Valley, California based company focused on SW Products development, Solutions, Systems, Services, Sensors and Internet of Things.


We technically support Startups by providing development teams as small as 2 to 3 engineers and ramp up to large teams as the need grows.


We build and provide a well rounded offshore team capable of acting as your extension or independently taking on the full project from concept to completion and ongoing support

Key Focus Areas


We Offer

Our Objective is to provide Software Design Development and implementation as required by best solution to a problem on variety of Operating systems viz.Windows, Linux, iOS connecting to various Databases including Oracle, SQL, mySQL MangoDB and other NoSQL DBs using different Languages and Framework like .Net, JAVA, Python, C/C++, Ruby and Php.

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We provide all kind of IT services including development of Product, Applications and Embedded, Managing the server or cloud space under one roof.
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In this age of Internet of Things Sensors play an important role we do integrate sensors enable things to the software products and application , write the interface, device drivers, and APIs.
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The approach taken by S5I is to provide the system solution with optimum HW and SW partitioning. While the SW implementation is done at its own development center; its eco-system partner can do the HW portion including the PC Board.
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The Company’s approach is to understand the customer requirements, turn them into specifications and provide the Software , Hardware and Application solution.

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We offer the joint and focused capabilities of our specialized teams to address Software Products Development, Solutions, Services, Sensors and Systems needs of our customers in the age of Internet Of Things (IoT).

Case Studies


Ai-Live turns every web-enabled device into a piece of magic.Spoken words appear on the screen seconds after they are articulated.It was originally developed to provide access to people with a disability.

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Client look

A cloud based CRM for real estate that organizes contacts, activities and notes, manages, shares projects and integrates files, email and mobile devices.

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The site www.lifespace.com objective is to manage life and work setting goals around the areas of life and track the progress by getting emails or notifications.

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