About Sfivei

In modern era of Information technology, we have seen the true convergence of Computing, Communications and Consumer products. Smart Phones and Tablets have become the new consumer, all encompassing intelligent thinking machines loaded with hundreds of applications, through which the human beings would like to be connected to the whole universe, including connectivity to other human beings and knowledge databases. Even the physical objects are being given the intelligence, connectivity, sensing & monitoring capability through Internet of Things.

This presents an interesting challenge that the products be conceived and designed holistically,with top-down approach and not bottom-up, as it has been done in the past. This necessitates the entire platform design with optimum SW and HW partitioning with cost, performance, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and battery life. This requires a new thinking in designing the platform including the selection of CPU speed & performance, systems memory, display, sensors and battery size & life and the entire platform be tested for optimum performance.The new paradigm is “Solutions Offerings”


Company’s mission is to provide high quality SW development, Applications and Systems solutions at competitive cost to build lasting customer relationship. The company continues to assess its business goals and plans in line with changing technology trends and customer requirements.


Provide the highest quality and bug free solutions for customer satisfaction to build customer loyalty.